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My favorite new band to debut in 2012.

Uber cute J-pop fused with Euro-trance and Heavy Metal

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SU-METAL - Vocals
MOAMETAL - Backup Vocals, Dance
YUIMETAL - Backup Vocals, Dance

BABYMETAL is a sub unit of the idol group Sakura Gakuin. They are the second sub unit to debut from the group, following Twinklestars. Originally formed in 2010, this japanese 3-girl idol unit was conceived (possibly by demons) as a mix of innocent schoolgirl J-pop and devil-horns ready heavy metal. Their name, BABYMETAL (ベビーメタル) is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of “heavy metal” (ヘヴィメタル). Their concept is a fusion of idol pop and metal.

The group first appeared on Sakura Gakuin's debut album Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo ~message~ in April 2011, performing the track "Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆MORNING". In October 2011 they released a DVD containing the music video for the song.

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     My favorite new thing to come out of japan this year (along with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). Describing the trio as ultra cute J-pop fused with Euro-trance and Heavy Metal is an accurate description. Although dub-step, electro-pop and hip-hop have made their way into their music. So, does the fusion work? Yes, yes it does.

     At the core of BABYMETAL's sound is the combination of J-pop and Heavy Metal. Their choruses are catchy and dulcet, their refrains are equally infectious but with added cuteness, and their heavy metal element stays true to the metal genre. Death metal inspired guitars riff complete with squealing pinch harmonics and double bass drumming litter their music. The metal aspect carries Sui’s singing during the verses, making way for the catchy pop part of their songs and returning for heavy breakdowns. Wether one like’s BABYMETAL’s fusion style is a matter of opinion, but it can’t be argued that they aren’t metal, because they very well are.

     As important as their J-pop metal style is, their curtness factor is also important. Just what do I mean by cuteness factor? Watch any of their music videos and you will know what I mean. They’re overflowing with cuteness due to the choreographed dances and the members personalities. You can watch those videos for days without getting tired. Even in song, there’s always a certain level of cuteness in Su singing or the gang yells and backing vocals of Yui and Mao. It does add a sense of appeal to their music, but it also further distinguishes the light and catchy pop aspects of their music with the heavy and dark metal elements.  

     They’ve been out in the scene for less than a year, but BABYMETAL’s has already released 2 singles and a EP. Doki Doki Morning was their first official single and it may have been rough around the edges, but lives up to their J-pop Heavy Metal style. This was followed by their EP, BABYMETAL X Kiba of Akiba where they showed much more refinement in their sound and an expansion into European Trance (Line!). Their last and most recent release was their Headbanger single. By far, it is their most polished effort and display a more death metal influence in the lead track and the inclusion of dub-step on the song Yuki Night.

     Now if you're like me, you’ll be waiting anxiously for their full length album. In the meantime, enjoy their addictive songs and music videos. 

BABYMETAL - Doki Doki Morning(PV)
My favorite part is when they hop around on one leg.

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