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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
The soundtrack to summer fun.
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     Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are a French pop punk band who formed in 2007 in Paris, France. The band consists of and was founded by lead vocalist Bertrand Poncet, drummer Jonathan Donnaes, bassist Mathias Rigal, and guitarists Paul Wilson and √Čric Poncet. The band has two studio albums, Something for Nothing, which was released in 2010 and Pardon My French which was released on April 30, 2013. The band name is taken from the scene in 1985 adventure-comedy film The Goonies, in which Chunk and Sloth arrive on the scene to help their friends. Poncet describes the choice of The Goonies as a "good childhood reference" and felt the name reflected who the band members are.

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Chunk! No Captain Chunk! - Taking Chances 

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     If this bands name isn’t enough to catch your attention then their music will. It’s a fusion of punk-rock and metal, although the bands uses other genres in their music like electronica, indie and pop. You could describe their sound as having the fast and energetic tempos of punk, the catchy and upbeat melodies of pop and the heaviness of metal. The band manages to pool all of these diverse influences into a balanced accessible sound that wins over fans of pop, punk-rock and metal. Don’t believe me? Give any of their songs a listen and you should hear memorable choruses, euphoric melodies and heavy guitar work with double bass drumming.

     The band started off in their home country of Paris, France, but quickly gained fans in North America with their English lyrics and metaclore sound. On their debut album, Something For Nothing, they showcase their signature sound. A albums worth of happy, near bubble-gum pop vocals, punk inspired riffs and drumming with double bass work and low guitar chugging. Use of pianos, infectious gang yells, electronic segments and acoustic guitars further add diversity to their already eclectic sound. Songs like In Friends We Trust display the bands fun upbeat punk rock sound while songs like Summer Heat show the band tapping into indie rock.

     Pardon my French is the bands latest album and is a step from their debut. They have taken their punk-rock metal style and refined it. Bert’s lead vocals are clearer now, while his growler are heavier and more aggressive. There is the absence of electronica and there are less gang yells, but what little gang yells there are more cleverly placed for impact. There is more of a punk-rock sound and the album is much heavier then it’s predecessor.

    Another major improvement are the lyrics. They are meaningful, inspiring and clearly thought out in advance. Pardon My French is definitely more punk-rock and metal, but it’s also very melodic, catchy, fun and motivating. It’s stands out from the rest of the dull rehashed metalcore sound and even stands out from bands who originated the punk-rock metal fusion style ( A Day To Remember)  

     The band may only have two albums out, but they are very strong albums. I recommend Pardon My French, but Something for Nothing also deserves a listen. If you’re looking for something fun or different, give these guys a listen, you won’t regret it. Hell, they even did a K$sha cover of We R Who We R and it’s about ten times better than the original.

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